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AllCalls offers all the solutions you need from a live answering service—and we do it all at a low flat monthly rate!

Bilingual Live Call Answering

We never want to turn away callers due to language barriers. That’s why we offer bilingual call answering! Our virtual receptionists are fluent in English and Spanish so we can meet the needs of the maximum number of diverse callers. This adds immense value to your organization!

Custom Script Writing

The fact that our virtual receptionists are representatives of your business over the phone is something that we take very seriously. Every business has different needs. That’s why we customize our phone scripts based on your needs! This will ensure that we are maintaining your business’s good image and providing customers with a consistently positive experience.

Call Forwarding for On-Call Services

The needs of your callers are important and we want to make sure they feel that way. We’ll forward calls based on your guidelines. You can choose how you’d like to be notified of calls and how often you’d like notifications. It’s one of the many ways we help ensure your time is being used as efficiently as possible.

Call Screening

Sick of spam calls? We can relate! Our thorough screening process helps minimize the number of spam and robocalls you get on a daily basis, so you can get a greater number of quality calls from real paying customers. This also means that every live caller gets the personal attention they want from the live person on the other end.

HIPAA Compliant Messaging Solutions

Because we work with a lot of medical facilities, maintaining HIPAA compliance is crucial. We are fully HIPAA compliant so you never have to worry about utilizing AllCalls as an afterhours or overflow answering service. We implement every necessary safeguard to ensure your patients’ info is safe.

Virtual Secretary

No need to hire a designated administrative assistant at your business when a virtual secretary is a much more practical, cost-effective alternative. There’s no lengthy hiring process, no salary to pay, and no additional overhead needed. AllCalls provides all the roles of a traditional secretary but from a remote location and at a much more affordable rate.

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